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so, what is this and why do I care? | 19/05/2009


Have you ever noticed that you categorize your day based on the series of events that happened to you during the day? A good day could be remembered because of one major positive event happening that lit you up on the inside; a bad day would have the opposite effect. But, what about those moments that happen in-between? Those moments completely fascinate me and I’ve discovered that the stories connected to those random moments are what I find myself sharing with friends over and over.

So, here’s the deal. I’ll be reporting, recording, ranting and relating the various beats of my life, good, bad and whatever (GBW) to this blog as it happens. Every post will start off with the GBW moments of my day and I’ll expand on one of those in more detail immediately following the list.

So, what exactly is a GBW moment? Good question! Keep reading!

G(ood): I won Super Lotto! or I volunteered today and it felt great! or I just saw an episode of The Golden Girls I’ve never seen before! These moments that make you smile, laugh, want to hug someone and be happy to be alive (unless you hate The Golden Girls).

B(ad): I got a parking ticket for not turning my wheels far enough into the curb! or My acne just flared up and I have a wedding to attend tomorrow! or I already submitted payment for my health insurance, why aren’t I covered?! These are the moments that make you want to yell, kick, spit, question fate, or crawl back into bed.

W(hatever): The 49ers lost another game! or MUNI’s famous Ghost Bus just rolled by! or Why are the geniuses at the Apple Store “geniuses” if every time I go in there, they have a different theory for why my computer is acting up?! These are moments of complete frustration and generally make you shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes, or mutter, “oh come on!” and “are you kidding me?” out loud.

So, there you have it. The primer to my little blog. I’ll be building themed days to keep things interesting for both of us, so, stay tuned, dear readers for the next installment.

Until next time…


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